Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Precious Samwise kitty, Lucky cats, and Lucky us!!

Our power has been restored and my darling little grand kitty Samwise (my Frodo's brother) sent a message saying "hello" to his grandmama'. Jason tells me that he loves being on high places and I think that must be true for most kitties.

The day before the hurricane was due, I was picking up some Chinese takeout and snapped this photo of a whole gang of "lucky cats." Usually you see just one! That was certainly a good omen for what was to come!!
Our certainly hundreds of years old tree beside our house let go of roughly half it's limbs in one of the hurricane gusts. It took of the roof gutter and facing from the side of our house ...... but could have so easily hit the roof. Travis figures the bit that fell weighs at least a thousand pounds. Aren't we the lucky ones!?!
Jason and his kitties - Sam and Max may get to come for a visit this next weekend. That should be good for picture taking opportunities.
I wish everyone on the east coast a speedy recovery from last weekend's adventure.


Sue Jennings said...

So glad to hear all is well. Those branches look like they could have done a lot of damage.



Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Sue!! I appreciate your kind words and thoughts!!