Tuesday, November 14, 2017

What a Show!!!

Hunt Valley Teddy Bear Show was a ton of fun! All my bears had been adopted 6 minutes after the show started! I enjoyed visiting with friends and seeing all the wonderful creations at the show. I didn't get a lot of photos before leaving for the show, but I'll show you some of them here!
Jackie Frost

Jackie and His Magic Dragon


Sugar Plumb

I so appreciate all who stopped by to chat and those who adopted my Little Ones! I enjoy beading and have incorporated using tiny seed beads and Swarovski crystals in many of the outfits. Santa, especially, has quite a collection of crystals - he's quite a sparkler!
All of these bears have been adopted but I hope to get others done and in my Etsy shop before Christmas!
Thanks again my Friends and special thanks to Donna Neilson - Teddy Bear Maker and Promoter of the Show!

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hunt Valley Teddy Bear Show!

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of friends and making some new ones at the Teddy Bear show in Hunt Valley, Maryland, on Sunday, November 12 !
 I'll try to get some photos taken before we leave and post them here. I can't sell them ahead of the show but hope they will all find new homes at the show on Sunday!
Any bears not adopted will be available in my Etsy shop next week!

Saturday, July 22, 2017

No TBAI this year for me

I'm sorry to say that, because of some health issues, I will not be attending TBAI this year.
As I'm able to finish up the bears that were going to travel with me, I'll be putting them in my Etsy shop for adoption.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Emma - a Panda Bunny in my Etsy Shop!

Cute from any angle!

I've just listed Miss Emma in my Etsy shop! If you are interested in adopting her, I hope you'll
hop on over to have a look at her listing! 

Emma has been adopted! Thanks so much!!

Emma - Panda Bunny!!

Coming soon to an Etsy shop near you!!!!!
Be sure to sign up for notification!

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Lucy! Need a bunny???


Well here she is! This tiny bunny has to be among my favorite bunnies or bears that  I've ever made - (please don't tell the others!!!) She is one of the smallest bunnies ( 3 3/4 inches plus ears)I've made as well. The long curly viscose makes her ever so soft and the face I found in that fur is soooooo sweet! I shall be listing her this evening in my Etsy shop at 7 p.m. EDT.  I'm happy to send her to you with free shipping worldwide - though if your country adds a tax for imports, you should be prepared to pay that fee. If you go to the Etsy shop and Lucy doesn't not appear, that means she has already been adopted. I hope you will visit the shop and see some of her other photos at 7 o'clock this evening! www.etsy.com/shop/donnaandthebears
P. S. I'm working on one other bunny and hope to have him/her available later in the week. Both should reach you in time to sit in your basket on Easter!
Lucy has been adopted!  Thanks so much!

Friday, March 24, 2017

Sneak Peek!

Just finished up this ever so soft bunny - just 3 3/4 inches plus ears - made from some long and very soft viscose which I ordered from Italy - and OH MY what a dear little face!!

This sweet sweet little bunny will be available for adoption in my Etsy store soon - or as soon 
as I can take some good photos.

In the meantime, I was playing around with the Photo Lab Pro app on my iPhone. I'll contact 
those on my mailing list when Yet Unnamed appears in my Etsy shop!

Friday, March 17, 2017

Teddies Worldwide Show Has Begun!

Coffee Toffee




Here are my gang of bears and bunnies for the spring Teddies Worldwide online show! I hope you will visit them and all the wonderful works of art by artists from all over the world! Just click here:

Happy Saint Patrick's Day Everyone!!

All my bears and bunnies have been sold! Thanks so much everyone! 

Friday, March 3, 2017

The Preview is On!!

The preview page is up for the next TeddiesWorldwide online show here: www.teddiesworldwide.com

Making this announcement is my little preview bunny named Bailey! Having the softest fur you can imagine, Bailey is a little girl bunny. You can't see it in this photo very well, but she has peach satin roses on each of her ears. She is such a character with a white fluffy tail that I had to let her be the preview piece. I must say, she makes me chuckle whenever  I see her! She stands at a little more than 4 1/2 inches. I hope you'll click on the Teddies Worldwide link and vote for your favorites. The show will be coming up in two weeks - on St. Patrick's Day!!

Kim and I enjoy the Hirschhorn

On Tuesday last, Kim and I met in Washington D. C. to enjoy a special exhibit at the Hirschhorn Art Gallery. Kim snapped this shot of us in one of the "infinity rooms" of the Yayoi Kusama - Infinity Mirrors exhibition.

Beautiful Kim enjoys a piece of the exhibit's wall art.

We had a great time visiting and enjoying the gallery including the artwork and a display of beautiful orchids. I encourage you to visit if you are in D. C.  The Kusama exhibit is there through May,  I believe!

This is a peek inside a viewing window of another smaller infinity mirrors room.

A collage by the artist.

As we bid farewell to the gallery, Kim agreed to a photo with the giant pumpkin outside on the grounds. One of the mirrored rooms was filled with these same pumpkins. I'll try to add more photos and perhaps a video if I can puzzle out how to get it from my iPhone to here!

More colorful fun from the exhibit and a look at the wonderful orchid exhibit also on display in the Hirsshorn! Art is Wonderful!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

And so it begins....

I'm lucky to have been accepted to participate in this year's TBAI which will be held in Syracuse, New York, in July. For information on that show, you can click here: www.TBAI.org
Each year, the participants are asked to create a gallery piece along the year's theme. My gallery piece for the show is Camelot! It's my choice of a magical myth that has always intrigued me. I thought you might like a peek as this gallery piece comes together so check back for updates as my ideas take shape between now and July.
So. Here we have King Arthur in his beginning days. He has no "eye makeup" and his head is not attached to his body, but I think he is quite handsome - sort of like Robert Goulet when I saw him perform the role at the Chrysler Theater in Virginia Beach in the early 90's. What an experience! and I hope I can translate some of that magic into this piece as I add Guinevere and a lovely setting befitting that "shinning moment that was known as Camelot!"

Sunday, February 19, 2017

First Daffodil of 2017!

Each year I marvel at the first tiny miniature daffodil that pops up in my front yard. This year, to my surprise, I noticed this little fellow on Valentine's Day! What a gift of love!! I must check, but I think this is surely the earliest this gift has arrived.

Through the winter, I've counted on this pot of pansies on my front porch to bring a smile whenever I see this bunny with his offering. It's amazing that these flowers can look frozen and as soon as the sun comes out, they are perky and happy!

Wishing you days of blossoms and sunshine to enjoy them by!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Valentine Panda in my Etsy Shop!

I've just listed sweet little Angelica in my Etsy shop! If you'd like to take a look just click here:
If she does not appear on the shop page, that means she's been adopted!

Thanks for stopping by!!!
Angelica has been adopted! Thanks Pat!!!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

A Tiny Valentine!

I'll be listing this very tiny panda in my Etsy shop as soon as I get some photos when the weather permits. I just took a few snapshots when she was born so you could have a peek! She's very tiny, but made from "extra extra long" teddy fur.  I've been listening to the soundtrack (a gift from Kim) of the broadway play "Hamilton" lately, so I think I'll name her Angelica! I'll be sending an email to all who have signed up to be notified of new bears available just as soon as the listing is done. I take photographs outdoors so it may be awhile. We are having a very rainy winter!! 

Yes, I think she looks like a little angel!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Snow in my Etsy Shop!

I've just listed Snow in my Etsy shop! I hope you'll visit and see her other photos! Since she was born during our recent snow storm here in southern Virginia, I made her a tiny crown and necklace so she could be queen of the Snow Festival!! I used tiny silver seed beads and 3 mm Swarovski crystals for these. If you'd like to make one for your bear or doll, check back soon and I'll show you how!

As I was typing this and trying to list the link - I found out that Snow had already been adopted!
Thanks so much Sue!!
I'll be back with those crown instructions soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A TOBY for Gabriela!

Gabriela wins 2017 TOBY Industry's Choice Award!

Thanks so much Teddy Bear and Friends Magazine!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

A Little Peek!


This little bear will be available in my Etsy shop as soon as I can get outside and take some good photos! We've had some frosty weather here in southern Virginia and this little bear will be called "Snow"!