Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hamish and Fergus win TOBY Public's Choice Award

I've just returned from TBAI - a thoroughly wonderful show with lots of wonderful people. Thursday night last during the opening reception, Mindy Kinsey from Teddy Bear and Friends magazine announced the winners of this years' TOBY Public Choice awards. I was beyond thrilled that my panda and pig duo won in their category!!!!! Congratulations to all the other winners too. It was especially sweet to receive the award with so many friends present. By the way, Pierre and Tulah from my last post found a wonderful new home with Nancy!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pierre and Tulah for TBAI

I'm leaving tomorrow morning for TBAI! It's always such fun and I enjoy visiting friends and meeting new ones! I'm taking lots of bears and a special piece for the reception on Thursday night. My gallery piece is finally done - though don't know if I'll get that photographed before I leave. I'll post some of the "characters" when I return. I do have some little photos of the piece for the reception. Their names are "Pierre" and "Tulah." Pierre, the bear, stands a bit over 5 inches tall and the sculpted elephant, Tulah, is made from polymer clay. I just love these guys! I'm painting a little platform for them to stand on - white with red trim and am stenciling stars around the edge of it. Nothing like last minute! I hope the paint dries before I finish packing.