Thursday, February 26, 2015

Lotsa Snow!

It's a snowy morning here in Southern Virginia! This is my backyard by the light from the bay window. Luckily, no one here has to travel away from home today. I'll add more photos after daylight!

Today has brought a bunch of snow our way!! These are views out my windows - beginning with the back of the house looking out into our little woods. The last photos are from my work table. My neighbor, Tania, was out walking her doggies, Bella and Angel, early and I just happened to be on my front porch with my iPhone and asked if I could take their photo!
I've been putting bread on the porch railings for the birdies and Little Lady is watching them as she sits on my worktable. All the kitties are a big help!!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Miss Kitty heads to Arkansas!

This sweet Little Miss, whose name shall be Lily Teresa, is heading to her new home today. Her very patient Mom has waited a long time so I'm hoping her journey will be a swift and pleasant one!

As often happens, the weather outside yesterday afternoon was "frightful" so the photo was done on my front porch. I prefer taking photos outdoors for good lighting, but with rain and snow falling from time to time, a quick snapshot had to do! Luckily no snow stayed around and today we have "mostly sunny" 19 degrees here in southern Virginia. I think Sunday will be a might chillier! Brrrrrrrr......

Friday, January 30, 2015

Valentine Panda "Cherry Pi" listed in Etsy shop!

I've just listed wee Cherry Pi in my Etsy shop! I hope you'll pop over to see him!

He's a sitting panda with bent arms and legs - all of which are wired for gentle posing.Cherry Pi is about 3 inches tall if his little legs are stretched out.  His cherry red outfit is accented with two white heart shaped buttons. He will travel to his new mom or dad in the heart shaped box in the first photo which I've covered with cotton fabric and a beautiful trim. I shall include a little bag of the heart shaped petals you see as well. The desert dish is not included. I hope you like him!!

Cherry Pi has been adopted! Thanks Jamie!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Teddy goes to New York!!

Here's a very patriotic young chap who came to be named "Teddy" by his new mom. He left last week and arrived in New York ahead of their snowstorm.

With his little flag, he looks as if he's ready to visit the Statue of Liberty, don't you think??

AND NOW!! A little hint: I shall be listing a tiny Valentine Bear in my Etsy shop soon.  He should arrive by Valentine's day for you or for you to give to your Valentine should you care to adopt! I'll be sending out emails to those of you who have signed up for my mailing list when I do and also posting his (yep, a little guy) photo here as soon as he's listed. Here's another hint: He's a panda dressed in red named Cherry Pi.

P. S. Check back around 7 p.m. this evening (Friday, January 30) !!!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Dandy Lion Wins a TOBY!!

I'm thrilled to let you know that my Dandy Lion has won an Industry's Choice TOBY award in the category of miniature friends! His head and tail are made from that wonderful Tissval fur fabric. He stands nicely alone at a whopping 4 inches under that swell top hat!! Thanks to Teddy Bear and Friends magazine for these awards which mean so much to all of us bear (and friends) makers. Voting for the Public's Choice Awards will be later in the year.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Let's Make This Puffy Flower Pin Cushion!

Little Marc Andre sits atop this pin cushion I designed last night while watching Downton Abbey! 
So how about trying one?
Here we go!!
I've used that beautiful Noro yarn which is probably DK weight and a size 4 crochet hook.

Make a magic loop and then 12 double crochets in that loop. That would be 12 triple crochets if you use Brittish terms!

Close up the magic circle and make one double crochet, one chain, and one double crochet in each of the 12 stitches in round one.
In the next round, double crochet in the first stitch, double crochet in the second stitch, and two double crochet in the third around.
Make two rounds of single crochet in each stitch - which forms a lip on the flower center.
In the next rounds, decrease by doing two single crochets together until you have just a few stitches left on the hook. This can be worked in a spiral instead of rows. It's the underside of the puff!

Stuff the little cushion with some of the yarn you've used until it's as plump as you like.

Now let's make the outside of the flower!
Another magic loop and 12 double crochets in it just like we did on the middle bit.

The second round has two double crochets in each stitch of the first round.
The third round is double crochet, double crochet, 2 double crochet around.
The fourth round has 5 double crochets in each stitch which begins that ruffley effect.
In the 5th round chain 3 and single crochet in each stitch of the previous round. Then, do the same for round 6, this time, doing the single crochet in the chain 3 space of the previous round.
Pull the yarn through the final stitch and weave the end into the stitches.

The center cushion fits into the ruffley bit.
Use a tapestry needle to attach the two parts.

And now you can put a little friend on your new little cushion! Of course, you can always use it as a pin cushion, too! 

As I made this up as I went along, I'm fairly sure that the pattern doesn't exist anywhere else. Please feel free to copy the pattern, make items from it, sell them, give them away, or do whatever you like!!
I'll try something else when the next episode airs!!

Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Beginnings

The new year brings wonderful opportunities if we just keep our eyes ready to see!

Thinking of all the new bears and bunnies and other friends in store for the year, I couldn't pass the yarn store on a recent trip to Virginia Beach without checking what might work for some flower pincushions for those born in the Spring to sit upon! The colors in the Noro yarn I selected are luscious and I think I may just have some fur to match for their outfits!
Check back and we'll make a pincushion sit-upon together!

As I'm from Florida, I'm ready for Soring right after Christmas! Though it will be 70 degrees here in southern Virginia today, I expect we have a lot of cold to get through before we see Soring flowers! Let's just imagine them in our hearts! And crochet one or two!!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Around the House

I hope your Christmas was full of everything wonderful! 

Around our house, every day is exciting with lots of Kitty adventures, new bears being born and hugs and cuddles galore!

Above, wee Katrina helps me compute next to boxes waiting to be filled with Christmas goodies!

The front door has its holiday finery on!

The window ledge behind my kitchen
sink is filled with wonderful miniature animals.

A new little polar bear is completed to be part of a holiday decoration exchange with my good friends.

Rocky enjoys life in the light of the tree.

Christmas gifts are relished! My beautiful bunny hand knit by Kim is a joy!

Ichabod poses for me to try out my new iPhone camera!

Dear friends Susan and Bill send flowers for my birthday!

And there are plenty of cat naps to enjoy after all the fun!

Happy New Year from my home to yours!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Happy Christmas!

Just looking through files and found this Christmas photo made several years ago when I was making big-er bears. Now they are all smaller than wee Dibley who is sitting high on the Christmas box. I think creativity takes us in different directions when we let it. Can't wait to see what happens next!! I have a couple of photos of what are Christmas gifts this year that I'll put up after they are received - so I won't spoil surprises ..... just in case someone is watching!!

The Happiest of Holidays to all!! with much Love - thanks for visiting!!