Friday, October 29, 2010

Beezer's Big Night!

Beezer will be on Ebay this evening. I hope you will stop by and visit the auction. Here are some of the photos I've used.
As soon as the auction launches, I'll put the link right here!

Here's the link to Beezer's auction:
I hope you will visit!

How Sweet is This?

I'll be listing Beezer on Ebay this evening and will put more photos of him here later in the day. I just couldn't resist this photo for this morning. I made a little elephant several years ago named Milo. Well, I am just nuts for the even smaller bears and friends now, so had to try my hand at a Baby Milo. This is a little girl and I had a beautiful little hand dyed silk ribbon for her to wear on her ear. I've made the inside of her ears a pretty fuzzy pink and the ribbon has just a slight touch of pink on its edges. She'll be going to the Hunt Valley Show and hopes to see you there!
Baby Milo

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sneek Peak for Beezer!

Tomorrow evening I'll list Lady Buggly's gardening chum, Beezer, on Ebay.  He was a Golden Teddy Nominee this year and is one of a kind.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Lady Buggly on Ebay Tonight!

I will "launch" the Ebay auction for Lady Buggly tonight about 9 p.m. EDT. I shall put the link right here once the auction is under way. The auction will be for 5 days and there will be no reserve. I do hope you will take a look! The template I'm using is so pretty.
Here's the link for Lady Buggly's auction:

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sneak Peek for Lady Buggly!

This "peek" won't be so sneaky as Lady Buggly has already been seen. I've been busy with more photos (Jason's help again here) and getting the template ready to launch tomorrow for Lady B's appearance on Ebay. She'll be the offering for Fuzzy Friends Friday this week!
I just love these little photos and wanted to share them. There will be even more on Ebay and I'll have a link here tomorrow once the auction is launched.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Well, I've posted the pear pin cushion adventure with "Part Two" appearing before "Part One." So sorry! Hope you will scroll down for the beginning.

Part Two

This is how your sewn up pear will look before you turn and stuff it. The stuffing part is what I think is the most important step in your pear creation. Try to remember all those wonderful pieces of fruit you've enjoyed and "think pear" as you stuff your creation. You know that nothing is perfect. Pears have lumps and bumps (and bruises which you may want to add too!). Your pear should not be perfectly symetrical and the top will probably lean to one side or the other.
Use strong thread and make a running stitch around the opening in the bottom. Gently gather the thread and make a knot to close up the pear. You may want to add some weight to the opening before this final step so your pear will sit properly. This could be a metal washer or steel shot.

As you sew, you may want to leave a few thread's width open at the top for you to insert your stem. If you've sewn it up, you can always use an awl to create a place for the stem. Dip the stem in some tacky glue before inserting and add a drop or two of a fray check product around the stem to prevent raveling.

In the words of my special friend and clay instructor, Beth, "Does this make sense?"
Hope you've enjoyed it!!!

********JUST A NOTE: The first part of this tutorial is titled "Let's make this pear pincushion" and can be found listed on 10/19/10. Thanks for the interest!!!
Hugs, Donna

Let's make this pear pin cushion!

This is the first time I've attempted writing directions for how I do something, so please let me know if I need to clarify anything! If you leave a question in the "comment" section, I'll answer as soon as I can. we go!

This couldn't be more simple! All you need is some wool fabric, thread, and stuffing. I've pictured wool roving here, but polyfil will work. It will be just a little harder to compact to make a firm pin cushion. You need to select a little stem for your pear and that can be the tip of any branch you find in your outings.
Here's your pattern. Feel free to copy, share, change size as you wish. You'll cut three of these shapes from your wool fabric.

Sew each of the pieces from "A" at the top to "B" at the bottom, leaving open the space at the bottom for stuffing. 

Monday, October 18, 2010

Would you like to make a pear pin cushion?

I've always loved the shape - and taste - of a pear. I recently saw some pear solf sculptures which didn't in fact look too pear-like. I decided to try my hand and picked up scissors and paper and created a pattern. If you'd like to make one - not the carved bit on the bottom, mind - like the wool pear on the pedestal, check back tomorrow and I'll share my pattern and direction.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

More houses for the show

These "tree houses" are a bit smaller than the first one. I think you can see the holes in the top where I plan to put holly or evergreen branches. I kept the little round circles I cut for windows to use as stepping stones. Each house has some mushrooms around the sides as well. These two houses just went to the kiln room for the first firing. I'm going to paint them with acrylics after the second firing instead of using glazes which would appear shiny. Hope you can come and take a look at the Hunt Valley show on November 13th, but I'll have some photos of the finished houses and table posted here.

Friday, October 15, 2010

"Verity" now listed in Etsy Shop

I've just listed sweet little "Verity" in my Esty shop. I hope you'll stop by and have a look!

Verity has been adopted! Thanks, Karen!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Sneak Peek for Etsy

Well don't you know when I saw this picture through my camera lens, I just said "Awwwww." My son, Jason, kindly helps me out with the shots where I like to show my little bears in a hand to give an idea of the size. I've tried holding and photographing at the same time, and that's tough. Anyway, instead of showing little bits and pieces of "Verity" who will appear in my Etsy shop tomorrow, I just had to use this picture. She sits upon a cushion I've made using four different pieces of silk duipoini in the most luscious fuschias and purples and teal you could imagine. Please check back tomorrow for a link to the Etsy shop!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Golden Teddy Award Winner - Lady Buggly!

What an honor to be recognized by Teddy Bear Review Magazine as a winner of the Golden Teddy Award. Of course, it's to all those who voted for Lady B
that I send my special thanks.
Word had reached me through messages from special friends Elanor and MaryAnn and I've just received the official logo from Lynn at the Magazine.
I must pass along that I got the idea for Lady Buggly's name from one of my neighbors who has a VW Bug. Her license plate is Bugggly. Her's is a red convertible and "cute as a bug." If you didn't know, I drive a VWBug, too. Mine is yellow and his tag is "Sunybug." I realize that the spelling is short an "n" but we are only allowed 7 letters on our licence plates.
Thanks again for all who loved Lady Buggly and voted for her!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trip to Williamsburg

Last weekend, my clay instructor, Beth, was taking part in a show which was held on the lawn of one of the museums in Williamsburg, Virginia. From our beautiful little town of Smithfield, one need only make a short trip up a highway that parallels the James River to a ferry crossing which takes cars to Jamestown. It's just a short drive then to Colonial Williamsburg. Jason and I went early in the day and enjoyed the show plus a brief stop at Merchants Square in Williamsburg. The trip home was on the Pocahontus ferry as the trip over had been. Folks bring bread to throw up for the seagulls following the ferry - great fun for all participating.....especially the seagulls, I suspect.

Lovely Colonial Williamsburg

William and Mary College is adjacent to Williamsburg. The sign points to the law school to the left and Colonial Williamsburg on the right.

Wonderful historic theater where many "artsy" programs are presented.

This is probably my favorite store in Merchants Square. Could it be that I long for a trip to Scotland??? or could it be
this handsome guy that I love to visit. He's taller than I am! Love a man in a kilt.
On our return trip, we were very near the back of the ferry. The guy telling us where to park spotted my camera when I got out of the car and gave me a thumbs up!

Fun for all as we pull away from Jamestown

and a lovely formation from our fellow travelers!
A Perfect Day

Friday, October 8, 2010

Linus and His Pumpkin on Etsy

Little Linus and his big 'ole pumpkin pin cushion have just been listed in my Etsy shop. I hope you'll stop by to "read all about him."
Linus and his pumpkin have been adopted! Thanks, Pat!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sneak peek!!!!

Tomorrow is Fuzzy Friends Friday in my Etsy shop. Here's a sneek peak at the friend who will appear. I hope you stop by to see him! I'll have a link here once he's posted.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Beaker Update

After some tough days following his first vet visit, Beaker reportedly is feeling fine and up to lots of kitten adventures. Kim sent photos of him playing amongst her other "animals," being a kitty gargoyle, and just being downright cute.
Chester, Beaker, and Iceburg

He is "all eyes," isn't he?

"Sweetie Man"

I have another pin cushion friend to put in my Etsy shop this next Friday. I'm thinking Fridays will be "Fuzzy Friends Friday" and I'll do my best to have at least one new creature there each week. This Friday, the little pin cushion stander will be a bunny. Check for sneak peeks!!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Little Pumplin - Available on Etsy today

Happy October! I've just listed this sweet sweet Little Pumpkin panda with his pin cushion on Etsy. Please take a look!
Little Pumpkin has been adopted!!!! Thanks, Sue!!!!