Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Grand News! TWO Toby Industry Choice Awards for 2008!

I am so thrilled and overwhelmed as I have learned that two of my pieces have won Toby Industry Choice Awards. These pieces are very special to me as they represent two new directions that my work has taken during the past year. The first is entitled"Hamish and Fergus Celebrate the Year of the Pig." It was my first offering which included a sculpted piece and was sold in the first Bear Artists Online Show last year. The other winner is "Wee Much, Acorn Gatherer" and is a wee 4 inches tall. I'm new to the mini world in making but have been intrigued with little things forever! I tried to get as much expression in that little face as I could. Rose and I searched for days for the perfect acorn cap for him to wear.

Sometimes when you go in a new direction, you think your vision might be yours alone. These awards are very precious and give me the nudge to keep going up new roads!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Georgie's Going to Scotland!

I am so thrilled that Georgie has been picked to travel to Scotland! His adoption marks the first bear I'm sending to live in that wonderful land. Some of my ancestors are from there and I'd love to deliver him in person. Oh well, maybe I can go and visit one day.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Little Cloud is going to Germany!

Little Cloud is really exited about his upcoming trip to Germany. He has been adopted and will be packing soon. I'm posting some photos for his new Dad to see!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Bears!

I've just sent photos of these bears to my web guru so they should appear on the "available" page before long. They are three very different bears in size and color. The smallest, in my hand, is "Little Cloud." He's just under 5 inches tall. The next largest is "Aurora" who is a panda of distinctive coloring and she's about 6 3/4 inches tall. The big guy in red is "Georgie" and he's about 14 inches tall. I rarely make bears that large, but I had that beautiful chocolate fur and wanted to use every bit of it! Email me if you have questions about these guys. Their full description and adoption information should be on my web site soon! Email: or through my web site.