Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Big Move

My daughter, Kim, is moving to Pennsylvania! She will attend the University of Pittsburgh in the fall. She works for Barnes and Noble Bookstore and requested a transfer to the area. Well, don't you know that they want her there NOW! She and I have just gotten back from an exploratory trip where we found a lovely apartment for her and she met her new boss. The apartment will be available on May 8th. We hurried home and have begun to sort and pack. She'll be working here right up until moving day, so we are using the odd hour to get everything ready to go. I'm in charge of her kitchen stuff!! We have plenty of extras, so I should be able to outfit her well.

So. I mention this to explain why the little bears dancing in my head will be born a little later than I had planned. I'm taking a little bag of sewing along wherever I go so hope to have some ready as soon as the dust settles. I'll try to have some sneak peaks soon!
We came home to find the beautiful clematis you see blooming on our front porch. I planted it a few years ago and it never fails to bring joy each Spring!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Big Easter Bunny!

He really deserves a bigger photo! I forgot to click on "big" for the photo upload! So sweet.

Easter Bunny!

Well, don't you know a little local resident showed up right on time! We have several bunnies that live out in our woods and this one came to greet me on the day. He (or she) was kind enough to wait for me to get my camera! Spring (with sometimes chilly temperatures) is here in southern Virginia in all it's glory. We had a mini cherry blossom festival when our one little tree bloomed in the front yard. I'll post a photo of that soon - but it can't beat the wildlife. Love you bunny!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Aurthur Adopted!

Well, all my little ones have found new homes. Thank you so much for taking a look. I hope to have these little shows from time to time and will send word to you if you'd like to be on my mailing list!
Thanks to everyone for visiting!

Honey is Adopted!

Honey has found her Mom! Thanks so much! Again, can't figure out how to mark the original listing.

Jackie Adopted!

Thrilled to report Jackie the Rabbit has found a home. I'm not sure how to edit the first listing, so I'm having to do it this way!

Two bears and a bunny!

I'm happy to offer for adoption two bears and a bunny. All are made of mini bear fur and are 3 1/2 inches tall to 3 3/4 inches tall. They are fully cotter pin jointed and all have glass eyes and are not suitable for children. They are weighted with steel and copper pellets. Arthur and Jackie stand nicely alone. Honey has bent legs. These are not one of a kind, but I am not taking orders at this time.

Should you be interested in adopting one of these little ones, please email me at Donnaandthebears@AOL.com Please note, this is not the email attached to my web site. These little ones are available on a first come, first serve basis. The adoption fee for each of them is $165 and shipping is free worldwide. Personal checks are fine within the US as well as Paypal. Please expect to pay with Paypal outside the US. I shall contact you as soon as possible if you send a message and make arrangements for delivery to you.

Please also write with any questions you may have.

Bears this afternoon (and a bunny)!

I will post 2 bears and a bunny for adoption this afternoon around 2 or 3 Eastern Daylight Time! I'll be notifiying those on the mailing list at that time. Thanks for your patience!!! Love to all, Donna