Monday, August 17, 2009

What a weekend!

TBAI was just amazing! I had such fun visiting with folks who seem like my family that I visit each year and meeting some new "family" member this year as well. As I reported from the hotel computer, my "yellow submarine" piece won 1st place which was awarded on Friday night at the Banquet. On Saturday morning before the show began there was a breakfast which included the TOBY Public's Choice awards for 2009. The Editor of Teddy Bear and Friends magazine, Kathryn Peck, and the Sales Manager, Kellie Love (don't you love that name) were there to present the trophies ....AND the Panda Sisters WON!!!! I was already weapy from an award given to dear Cindy Malchoff who does all the work to make sure TBAI is a success and couldn't believe it when the Sisters and my name were called. I hope I said something intelligent but especially got through my thanks to the magazine and to all who take the time to vote. Congratulations as well to all the other winners. I won't list them here if they haven't been notified yet.
I took photos on my deck this morning and had trouble with the beautiful crystal trophies "fogging up" as we went from the air conditioning to the outdoor heat! The Sisters are with their adoptive family, but I still have their photos pictured with the trophies to remember them by.
I am so appreciative to all those at TBAI who selected my piece for the award and all those who voted for the Sisters! Love to all, Donna

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yellow Submarine Wins First Place!

I'm thrilled to report that The Yellow Submarine just won 1st place in the vignette category at TBAI! I'll post photos soon!
The show is going well and everyone is having lots of fun. My presentation this morning (Photographing Teddy) went well. Most of my bears sold at the brief showing this evening before the banquet. Tomorrow is the main show. I'll get some photos and post soon!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Going to TBAI!

The little bears, submarine, and I will be leaving for Binghamton, NY early tomorrow morning. I gathered some of the little ones who are ready for a quick photo last night. I can't take reservations for them as some who are coming to the show don't have Internet access, but we all hope to see you at the show! I'll try to get some good photos of the fun and this time will remember to take the cable that connects my camera to my computer.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Yellow Submarine launches!

I'm leaving for TBAI in Binghamton, NY on Wednesday. I'll be towing my gallery piece along - The Yellow Submarine. I have a few little details yet (like the rudder) to deal with, but was able to get some photos last night. The yellow submarine rests on a rock or piece of fake coral that I found at a pet store meant to go in a fish tank or terrarium. I wanted to have the words of the Yellow Submarine song in the piece, so I sculpted a turtle which is holding a sign with the words on it for a sing along. On the left of the piece with be the "album cover" I designed featuring my Fab Fuzzy 4! The boys are about 4 inches tall and wear Sgt. Pepper's Band Uniforms which I've decorated with Swarovski crystals - don't think they show up too well, but they are sparkley!

I hope to have some other pictures of some of the bears that will be going to the show tomorrow!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Trip to "the Burgh"

The trip to Pennsylvania was tons of fun. I took loads of photos and will share more. This was probably the most spectacular as Kim and I went to the top of Mt. Washington across the river from downtown Pittsburgh. We rode the Incline first down the mountain and then up again. You can see one of the Incline cars in the lower right of the photo. The highlights of the visit include hiking in a local park and a visit to the National Aviary. Will post some wonderful birdy pictures soon.
I'm working away at the little bears for TBAI. I'll be heading to Binghamton, NY a week from Wednesday. Can't wait!!!