Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Bears!

I'm planning to have a few little bears available right here on this blog around April 1st - no fooling! If you'd like me to email you with the exact time, I'd be glad to do it! At the bottom of this page, there's a link to my web site. If you'd click on that, there's a little bear holding a red baloon which says "Email Donna." Just let me know you'd like to be contacted when new bears will be available and I'll put you on my notification list.

The next auction will be coming soon, and I'll be sending out word of that too. I'm winding up my design class this next month and have loads of requirements there. I am counting on some good Spring weather to take photos of these little bears for all to see. Guess I'd better explain - all my photography is done outdoors to take advantage of the wonderful natural light!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Many Thanks!

I thank everyone who contacted me and those who took part in the bidding during my first Ebay auction. I'm happy to report that the Panda Sisters will be leaving today for the state of Illinois to live with some very nice people who have many of my little bears. I think the very best part of the Teddy Bear World is the fact that your own world grows - through new friends you meet along the way. Sometimes correspondence takes place totally over the Internet! My own little family is quite small, but I feel a part of so many more families as my little ones go out into the world taking a little of me with them.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

EBAY Listing!

Here's the link to "The Panda Sisters" Auction!

I certainly would love you to visit and let me know what you think of the template and photos!


I think (fingers crossed) that I have finally gotten my first Ebay auction ready to go at 9 p.m. tonight!! I know all of you "old hands" at Ebaying think I must be pretty dense! As soon as I have the link I'll post it here. I hope you'll go have a look and let me know what you think!
I want to thank Tina for a lovely award that has brought new visitors my way. I will be posting the information and sending the award along to others just as soon as I recuperate from all this listing stuff!! Bless you, Tina!
I just love the little photo above and it makes me realize that "we all need a little hand sometimes."

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ebay Delay

We've been without Internet capabilities for over a day! I've just gotten off the phone with a delightful chap who led me through some unplug - plug back in exercises and it worked! I was unable to complete my auction template yesterday to my satisfaction as I have to do that online -- so I've decided to wait until next weekend to "launch" my first Ebay auction for the Panda Sisters. I will give you a sneak peak at some of the photos that will be in the template for the auction!

I expect if I weren't so nervous about doing this right, I wouldn't delay the launch!
I'm very thankful to my daughter, Kim, for her "hand" in the photography session. As you can imagine, it's tough to hold the little ones and photograph at the same time.
I suppose I figured that the auction should go over a weekend and not be too long so that's why I decided to start it on Saturday. It'll just be the NEXT Saturday - if I can figure it all out!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


After the lovely daffodil photo we have in fact been visited, here in southern Virginia, by some snow! I just had to show you some of the lovely sights around my house. We have some woods out back and sweet Rose had tons of fun in her little yard even if the snow wasn't very deep. I wish I could show you how fast her tail was wagging!

My plan is to have that listing for the Panda Sisters on Ebay this coming Saturday. I'll put a link here so that you can visit (that is, if I figure it all out by then - oh me of little brain!)