Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hurricane aftermath

We're fine! And very lucky. We have no power but are well and so glad to have made
It through the hurricane with only a little damage to the house.
I'm so glad to be able to use my iPhone to communicate! I hope you all are well!


Melanie said...

Hi Donna I am so glad to see you are ok. Sorry to see the damage to your house and agree with you with relief it wasn't worse. Stay safe. Much love, Melanie xx

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Melanie! Thanks so much for writing! We certainly hope this will be the only hurricane to visit this year. We were incredibly lucky. The repairs are an aggravation but we are fine and the tree lives!! The branches that remain look healthy! I hope you and your family are well !
Love and hugs!

Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Oh Donna I am so pleased your okay, I was concerned about you, your husband and kitty's. I've been away in the South of France and was pretty much cut off from the world for a few weeks so am only getting the chance now to catch up with the blogging world.

Big hugs
Elanor xxx

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you so very much Elanor!!!! I hope you had a wonderful trip. We are fine and glad to be done with Irene. We are very lucky and thrilled to have friends like you who are thinking about us.
Big hugs to you and Lex! Hope you'll have a kitty in residence soon. Let me know!