Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason!

The two most important dates on my calendar are today, February 8th, and December 10th. Those are the birthdays of my wonderful grown up children, Jason and Kim!
This little bunny is on his way to Jason's house in Maryland and hopefully will be delivered today. I was just there this weekend for a visit and had planned to take this little guy. Unfortunately, he wasn't finished when I left last Friday. As soon as I returned home Sunday, I started sewing to finish him up and headed to the UPS store yesterday to send him on his way. I thought it appropriate since this is the year of the rabbit! My Nikon battery was not ready to take photos yesterday, so I took this snapshot with the Iphone. I took other gifts and baked a birthday cake for Jason over the weekend, and we enjoyed some birthday shopping while I was there. Let's hope this little bunny (he gets to name him) will arrive to help him celebrate again today!
P. S. I am happy to report that Little Bunny arrived on schedule in time to let Jason know how very special he and his birthday are to me! L. B. doesn't have a name yet but is well loved already!!!!