Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year!

We're happy here! My son, Jason, had spinal fusion surgery on January 2nd, to repair a painful back. I'm glad to report that he is doing well. His dad, Kim, and I took turns staying with him during his hospital stay and he came home on Saturday. He has visiting nurses checking on his progress and a physical therapist should show up later today.
Take a look at the wonderful photo of Rocky above. For my birthday (day after Christmas) Jason gave me a Sony Cyber Shot which, if you haven't heard of it, is an 18.5 megapixel camera that you use in conjunction with an app on the iPhone. This photo was made in little more than Christmas tree lighting in our family room. Rocky is on the back of the couch and in the distance is the hall going to the front door. I am just amazed at the lighting and the detail of such a photo! Truly amazing. And it's tiny! smaller than the size of a tuna can. I'm sure you can find info online about this truly marvelous tool!! I'm sure I shall be using it for my bear photos - just imagine - Eighteen and a half megapixels!! My first digital camera had TWO!!
Please have a good thought or prayer for Jason's continued recovery. A most happy 2014 and love to all!


Kays Kids said...

I certainly will say a prayer for Jason. I feel for him. I have had a couple of fusions a long time ago. I hope he progresses well.
Hugs Kay

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you so much Kay! He is doing really well! I will give him your message which will mean so much to him! I admire you both for such an undertaking! I wish you good health, Kay!! Many hugs!