Friday, August 26, 2011

Here's Earthquake!

After a bumpy ride, little "Earthquake" has been born. He has a snazzy new hat I've crocheted for him as well.
Kim told me about a great web site to process photos online. The first picture shows Earthquake sitting on my work table, the second after doing some fun things on

Isn't that fun?! You can even get the app for your iPhone or iPad! So after a rough beginning, Earthquake will stay on the shelf for awhile. I don't want to offer him or list him on Etsy as we expect to be without power for a time after Irene passes. Several years ago, after Isabel, we were "in the dark" for a week. I have lots to sew and some batteries and food for the cooler, so we'll be fine. I'll try to tweet our progress if I can't compute. 

I did want to show you some leaves I've made for little bears to sit upon. I've used dark clay, pressed leaves from my neighborhood into the clay and trimmed around the shape. I then dropped the leaf shaped clay into a bowl to let them dry. After bisque firing, I used a marvelous glaze called Pippin Green . I'm thinking I'll save them for the Hunt Valley show so that I won't have to worry with extra shipping precautions and breakage. Aren't they swell??

I'll keep in touch as I'm able! Hope to hear from you and wish all of you well! Love to all from the path of the storm here in southern Virginia!


susana said...

hi Donna, i still remember you use leave to show the little lady bear size, those clay work are great! i think people would like to buy this!

Donna Griffin said...

I'm glad you like the leaves! I love to use things of nature with my little bears. I'll be sure to post some photos of bears on the clay leaves soon!