Friday, September 2, 2011

A REALLY Big Hug and more Pixlr fun.

I don't often make big bears and this is a REALLY big bear. The outfit is for 0-6 month babies and it fits her perfectly. She's on her way to a very patient Debbie who's waited almost a year for her birth. As I carried her to the UPS store for her trip, Baby really felt like a real baby! Well - a little fuzzier. Her new mom will give her a name and I can't wait to hear what it will be.

Last night Frodo was having big fun on a bug chase. He didn't realize they were outside the window drawn to us by the lamp light. Frodo did catch site of a ghost kitty in the window.

Kim and I are having big fun sending Pixlr (see link in earlier post) pictures we fiddle with on our Iphones and Ipads. After the bug hunt Frodo went to sleep in my lap. Here's the Pixlr which I called
"Ommmmmmmm." Kim thinks Frodo has always seemed a "very zen kitty."


Sue Jennings said...

I'm sure her new mom will be thrilled! ...and you find time for photography too!

Donna Griffin said...

Yes she was, Sue!!! Thanks! The Pixlr is almost instantaneous. You should try it! Its free and very easy.
Thanks for writing!