Thursday, December 8, 2011

Show and Tell

The Christi Freisen ( workshop I was lucky enough to attend had a theme each day. Saturday's was "Winter Wonderland" and, of course, I made a polar bear.

Here's a photo of Christi  - the most delightful, fun, entertaining - I could go on - person you'll ever meet. She gives workshops all over so if you love polymer clay - or even think you might - try to get to one of her workshops. I first got to know her work though a delightful book of hers called Steampunkery. And wouldn't you know, the second day of the workshop, the theme was "Steampunk."

And I made this cute little Steampunk dragon inside an old pocket watch case. Pretty neat, huh??

I had a grand time in Black Mountain and at the workshop and have added some polymer clay supplies and tools to my wish list!!! But for now, back to the bears!! Santa will be stopping by to pick up some soon!


Kays Kids said...

Oh it looks like a fun workshop. I wish I was there.

Donna Griffin said...

Tons of fun, Kay! I guess it reminds me of playing with clay when I was a kid - when I can remember that far back!!!
Hugs to you!