Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Cupcakes and a Road Trip

Have you ever bought a cupcake for the decoration on top? Well, I did. This little snow guy was just too cute to pass by. One has to accumulate happiness wherever it is  - my theory any way. And now look. Who knew Snow Guy would be so functional as well as adorable!
Frodo inspects Snow Guy as functional bottle stopper! I expect one day, I should make a little body for him, but for now Snow Guy is right on my work table to cheer me any time I look in his direction. Joy can be anywhere - even after the cupcake is eaten!!

I've just returned from a fun weekend in Black Mountain, North Carolina. I traveled there to attend a two day workshop held by the polymer clay artist Christi Freisen. I had such a good time and learned many things about working with polymer clay.
As luck would have it, I arrived just in time for the town's annual "Holly Jolly." All the stores - which in this town includes many art and craft galleries - stay open at night and offer refreshments to those visiting. Black Mountain is located very close to Asheville, NC, and is very picturesque and welcoming. It seemed like most of the town's population joined me in last Friday evening as we enjoyed wonderful decorations and the hospitality of the shops. The main street - called Cherry Street - was blocked off making it easy to navigate the street to visit all the wonderful galleries.

There was even a saxophone ensemble playing Christmas music for the festivities!

Festive windows invited us all in to see the wonderful treasures inside!

There are many artist living and working in that area of North Carolina and I was so lucky to be able to visit the some of the shops where they display their work!

I even found a bear!

The workshop was absolutely wonderful! If you are interested in working with polymer clay, I hope you will  be able to take a class with Christi in person, or, perhaps, do so online. Please visit her website here and take a look at all her wonderful things:www.cforiginals.com

My friendly Blog won't let me put photo where I want them, so I'll save more for another time.

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