Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blog Award

Thanks so much, Elanor, for this lovely honor! Elanor makes the cutest bears and mice and her Blog: is a wonderful place to visit!

Well now, here are the rules of this award:
1)The winner may put the logo on their blog.
2)Put a link to the person who sent you the award
.3)Nominate 10 blogs.
4)Put a link to their blogs.
5)Leave a message for your nominees
Here are some of the Blogs that make me smile and are oh so much fun to visit:

Darlene's Blog:
Ginger's Blog:
Ruth's Blog:
Tina's Blog:
Melanie's Blog:
Tami's Blog:
Richard's Blog:
Paula's Blog:
Megan's Blog:
Ellen's Blog:


Tina said...

Oh - thank you SO much Donna. What a lovely surprise to get home too. It´s so sweet of you, and I really appreciate you forwarded this to me too.
Thanks a lot and have a lovely day
Many hugs, Tina

Ruth said...

Huggies from me too Donna . The only thing I wish is we could "hand over" the award in real life as it were !

Always a pleasure to visit here too -
Mini Hugs , Ruth x

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Tina and Ruth! It's so nice to have friends like both of you and I hope we'll get to hug in person one of these days. Now if I can just get over my flying phobia! Of course I've flown before, but didn't enjoy it! If I know folks like you are on the other end, that'd help! Maybe next year. I hope you both had a wonderful time at the show on Sunday. Love you both! Donna

Tami Eveslage said...

Congatulations Donna, your bears make my heart smile and so do you! Thanks for chooing me for this blog award too!

Donna Griffin said...

You are a sweetheart, Tami! Your bears exemplify the beauty that is within you!!
Hope to see you again soon!
Love and hugs, Donna

Melanie said...

Hi there Donna
I am SOOOO behind having been ill for 6 weeks, and so have only just seen this. I will get onto it in the next few days, but wanted to say a big big thank you. You are so kind!! Love Melanie xx