Friday, November 18, 2011

More Show Photos!

Lovely Janet Wilson! Winner of every award there is, this lady is also head of the Wilson team that joins with Mark and Susan McKay as promoter of the Hunt Valley Show. We were all so sad at the passing of her wonderful husband, Alex, this past year. I'm sure Alex was looking over us all making sure we lived up to his view of this grand show. We miss you Alex!
What I love about this photo is that my son, Jason, bought the little bear on the right later in the day - or if not that one, maybe his cousin! Jason is an excellent collector after many years of being around the bear world.
Janet's Handmade Treasures are such a treat!
By the time I get to Barbara Burke's table, it's pretty empty! I'm so glad she did have this adorable kitty to hold for you to see. You know how I feel about the kitties! Barbara, award winning artist, lives in Ipswich, Massachuetts and I just love visiting with her here and at TBAI. Should you wish to contact her about this kitty or another Wuv "n" Cuddles creation, write to:

Diana Lee Palumbo has marvelous bears of all sizes! Her Timeless Expressions incorporate the gorgeous laces and other treasures you see represented in the bear here in front of Diana Lee. I met Diana at TBAI the first year I attended. She was world famous having had her bears on magazine covers and being a multi - award winner. Can you imagine how I felt when she selected one of my little pandas which would be a birthday gift? I was floating on air! I always enjoy seeing Diana Lee and her husband at the shows!

Penny French is one of the funniest people you'll ever meet! Notice her feathered hat? You should see the rest of her outfit! I think she's doing Swan Lake - tutu and all - between the bear making. Penny's wonderful bears have been featured on magazine covers and she's won the Public Choice first place award at TBAI more than once (not sure of the number there)! Well, just look at them! The bears are as adorable as Penny!! She brings a smile to my face when I'm lucky enough to be around her. I hope you'll get to meet her at a show one of these days.
And finally, the grand prize winner for making us all merry! Marilyn Wagner and crew brought us Rudolph and his story! Marilyn is the one with the blinking nose. I hope you'll take time to visit her at There's a little dancing teddy on the opening page of her site echoing the fun she brought to the show and the happiness she brings with her grand bears!!

I hope you've enjoyed this little look around the showroom. Do make a point to attend the Hunt Valley Christmas show if you can!

Don't forget the show this afternoon! I'll post my bears on offer after the 4 p.m. opening. Up to an hour before the show, you can visit and vote for your favorite preview bears!


susana said...

wonderful show at Hunt Valley, thanks for sharing.

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you Susana! You are always so sweet to leave kind comments that I named a bear after you! She's the little girl with the fancy hat and purse! Her picture was in an earlier post.

Kays Kids said...

I have enjoyed every photo.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Kay! That makes it worth the effort! So glad you enjoyed the photos!
Lotsa hugs to you!