Saturday, November 19, 2011

Long Winter's Nap Time!

Now that the weather is getting chilly, the Griffin clan kitties are getting quite snuggly! We find we have lap cats quite frequently!!
Mr. Frodo

Bundle up, if you don't have a fur coat attached!!


Kays Kids said...

I do love cats, they look as though they have the best home. Snuggle up time is always wonderful.

Donna Griffin said...

We love that too, Kay! Nothing like a snuggle buddy! These cats actually live in three different places. Beaker is in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with my daughter, Kim. Samwise is in Maryland with my son, Jason. And Mr. Frodo is here in Virginia with me. Samwise and Mr.Frodo are brothers. We are always sending cute photos of what the kitties are up to over our phones! Technology is just wonderful for keeping up with what's going on. The kids are coming home for Christmas and bringing their kitties. Should be some good photos then!