Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Hunt Valley, Here We Come!

As promised, here's a peek at some of the little friends that will be going to the Hunt Valley Show this next Saturday!
Of course you've seen Santa and Ashley (in Santa's sack), so here are a few more!
All the bears and bunnies are between 3 and 4 inches tall. Two have tiny friends.
If they don't find their Moms or Dads at the show, I shall offer them for adoption here next week.
Stop back tomorrow for some more peeks!!!


Kays Kids said...

All of your bears are so sweet, and so tiny.

Donna Griffin said...

Oh Kay!
That is so sweet of you! It's taken 15 years for them to get this small, but well worth the effort. I've always loved little things - especially animals. When we lived in Japan, my daughter Kim collected very tiny animals and many of them were dressed.
It takes a lot of thinking about how to go about the small ones, but I suppose it's the challenge that's the most fun!
I really appreciate your comment! Thanks so much!
Mini hugs,

susana said...

Donna, they all got the festive mood, wish you all the best in the upcoming show.
You are right, the experience of making bears shows your skill, while the experience of our growth influence the way we believe.

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you Susana! This particular show has a very festive air as we are all asked to decorate our tables reflecting the upcoming holiday season. Your message is very profound!!
Thank you for taking the time to send such lovely thoughts!