Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fabulous Show and.... It's beginning to look a lot like - or taste like....

I'm still "on the road" but am thrilled to report that all my bears and bunnies found their Mom's and Dad's quickly at the Hunt Valley Christmas teddy bear show yesterday.
It was a great show and the isles were packed with happy teddy bear people. I so enjoyed visiting with friends at the show!
Kim sent this sweet photo of Beau getting his first lick of a candy cane - a family favorite this time of year!
I'll be home tomorrow and will download photos from the show! Check back soon!
Thanks to all the new Mom's and Dad's!


susana said...

congratulations, Donna. Can't wait to see your photos!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Susana! I'll have them up as soon as I can!

Cheryl @ Bingle Bears said...

Congratulations on such a successful show!


Unknown said...

gratulations to you donna

and - what an sweet cat :D love him/her

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you, Martina! That kitty is my daughter Kim's sweet little boy named Beau!

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you Cheryl!
It is a lovely show and I think you'd enjoy being part of it! It was very well attended and everyone seemed to have big fun! I hope you'll make it that far south in your travels.
Thanks so much for writing!
my best to you,