Monday, June 20, 2011

Welcome, Mr. Frodo!

And here's the newest member of our happy household! Jason's (my son) Samwise's (his new kitten)brother, Mr. Frodo! My husband Travis pointed out that perhaps he should be called Gandalf (the gray), but Frodo is easier to say and kittens are so Hobbit -ish.
He and I made the journey from Maryland yesterday without incident. I found a brilliant new cat carrier which allowed him to see out on all sides of it . He was contained but, I suppose, didn't feel to confined. He was a perfect angel and slept most of the way.
May I point out a few of his finest features! In contrast to his oh so soft gray fur, he has golden eyes!  His whiskers are bright white and he looks like he's pranced through white paint. There are other touches of that white under his chin and on is chest. And the gray theme is carried through to that beautiful soft gray nose. Very precious, don't you think?
Rocky and Cleo are having big fun with their new playmate and Mr. Frodo gets enjoyment out of every moment of life!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Oh Donna, Frodo is beautiful, what a handsome chap! I love his name. Lucky, lucky you. I so miss having cats, its the only down side to moving in with Lex, I miss my kitty's so much and go back home to visit so often that my parents think I only come home to visit the cats ;0) It won't be forever though, we just are not allow in this house! Enjoy every moment of him :0) xx

Donna Griffin said...

Elanor!!!! Thanks!!!! I must tell you that I so enjoyed your story about your vacation travels when you were surrounded by kitties! I wanted to BE there!
I hope it won't be too long before your home can incorporate some fuzzy feline friends!
I hadn't anticipated adding a new kitten, but when Jason adopted Samwise, I just couldn't resist his brother!
Lots of hugs, Donna

Sue Jennings said...

One beautiful kitten! Such an intelligent, intense expression.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much, Sue!! He's a big 13 weeks old now. He is 100% super sweet. My other kitties, Rocky and Cleo, are being so kind. You can expect more photos to follow.
Mini hugs,

Lala said...

Frodo is a very handsome cat. You are a wonderful photographer,my brilliant sister!

Donna Griffin said...

Ditto!!! my brilliant sister!!!! Love, Donna