Tuesday, June 14, 2011

New Kitties!

If there isn't a web site called "Kitties on Keyboards," there should be! We, of the Griffin clan, are adding two more kitties to the family. Pictured napping on Jason's keyboard are Samwise and Frodo! When I last visited Jason in Maryland, he was searching for a companion for Max. We met a dear lady named Lisa who was fostering a litter and has been kind enough to allow two of them, pictured above, to become Griffins! Jason's Samwise is on the left, and I am thrilled to say, Frodo will be coming to Virginia this next weekend. I'm heading up that way on Friday. They are twelve weeks old today. Lisa is part of an organization called Animal Advocates of Howard County. They do a fine job of making sure the kitties go to proper homes full of love! We appreciate they time and care Lisa has taken with these young ones. Jason reports they are so sweet and cuddly!

 The Art Gallery
And on another subject, a class I'm taking at a local college in computer graphics, required taking photos for a postcard assignment. I had a wonderful day walking around Smithfield photographing our lovely town. I created three postcards and presented them last night in class. I'd like to share some of the photos and will "post the postcards" before long!
 The Old Court House - built in 1750
 My favorite store - Warf Hill Antiques
once featured in Southern Living
 We have a delightful stature of
Ben Franklin reading a copy of the constitution - right on Main Street! He lives in front of the Smithfield Times building.

And more wonderful shops
make a walk down main street such a joy!


Sue Jennings said...

Great photos, Donna. The kittens are the cutest, and I really like the photos of your town. It's so easy to take the sights we see every day for granted!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Sue!
One thing an art class teaches is to really look at things. I think that's probably the greatest lesson. Hope you'll come back - I'll put more so that you can get the flavor of our beautiful little town. We even have a red phone booth that was a gift from Isle of Wight, England. Our county is Isle of Wight too!