Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Postcards

Now for a look at my computer graphics assignment! If you will recall, we were to design postcards and I chose Smithfield, VA for my subject. Instead of one, I designed three! Well, I took a lot of photos.
The first two had definite bear influences! The first used a little statue that is in front of one of the antique shops in town. The second uses sweet Todd who now lives at Pat's house.
And this third one features the window of my favorite shop in town, Wharf Hill Antiques. I hope you enjoy these! My next assignment of photo illustration will feature my kitties!
P. S. Bears are under way for the upcoming online show, but we can't show sneak peeks yet!!


susana said...

looking forward to your online show next month, i like the antique postcard.

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you, Susana! The photo of the window with it's reflections was my favorite that I took on the day of gathering images. Theoretically, the image with flowers in the background was too busy to be effective - but, it was my favorite too! So glad you like it!

Ruth said...

Donna, the place where you live looks sooo lovely - such clean and spotless streets - I love your postcards!(of course the bears look right "at home" too!)Makes me want to just jump on a plane and visit...if only they took wish-dollars!!! :0)

Mini Hugs, Ruth xx

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Ruth!! Come on over!! By the way, the red phone booth is a gift from Isle of Wight in England! We live in Isle of Wight (the county name) Virginia.

I'm glad you liked my "virtual" postcards!!!

Lotsa hugs,

Sue Jennings said...

Your compositions are just beautiful!

Donna Griffin said...

How kind of you to say, Sue!
I really enjoy this work and wish that there were more hours in the day!
I'm going to post my next assignment soon.
Bears are coming, but we have to wait so they can be a surprise for the online show.
Thanks so much for taking the time to write, Sue!