Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Let's make this pear pin cushion!

This is the first time I've attempted writing directions for how I do something, so please let me know if I need to clarify anything! If you leave a question in the "comment" section, I'll answer as soon as I can. OK.....here we go!

This couldn't be more simple! All you need is some wool fabric, thread, and stuffing. I've pictured wool roving here, but polyfil will work. It will be just a little harder to compact to make a firm pin cushion. You need to select a little stem for your pear and that can be the tip of any branch you find in your outings.
Here's your pattern. Feel free to copy, share, change size as you wish. You'll cut three of these shapes from your wool fabric.

Sew each of the pieces from "A" at the top to "B" at the bottom, leaving open the space at the bottom for stuffing. 


Mitchellville said...

I really like that you posted this. Your photos are Great!! I have been wanting to make a pear for a long time! However, can you put up how you close it off. I am newish to sewing and I don't understand how you do that after you flip it to right side out.


Donna Griffin said...

Thanks! I hope you will enjoy making it! If you look at the very next post there are more photos and the end of the project. Unfortunately, I did the instructions in two parts and put the first on first - making it backwards! I think the next post is called "oops!" and you'll see more photo demonstration. If you can't find it, email me at Donnaandthebears.com and I'll make sure you get the complete instructions.!
Thanks for writing. I think I'll post something else if folks want to try new projects!

Donna Griffin said...

I just checked and the rest of the instructions are called "Part Two."
Again, if you cannot locate it, just email me and I'll get the instuctions and photos to you!

Mitchellville said...

Wow, I feel semi slow! I totally found it! Thank you so much! I will email you though. I do have a question for you : )

Donna Griffin said...

That's my fault, Michelle! I should have posted the directions all together!