Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trip to Williamsburg

Last weekend, my clay instructor, Beth, was taking part in a show which was held on the lawn of one of the museums in Williamsburg, Virginia. From our beautiful little town of Smithfield, one need only make a short trip up a highway that parallels the James River to a ferry crossing which takes cars to Jamestown. It's just a short drive then to Colonial Williamsburg. Jason and I went early in the day and enjoyed the show plus a brief stop at Merchants Square in Williamsburg. The trip home was on the Pocahontus ferry as the trip over had been. Folks bring bread to throw up for the seagulls following the ferry - great fun for all participating.....especially the seagulls, I suspect.

Lovely Colonial Williamsburg

William and Mary College is adjacent to Williamsburg. The sign points to the law school to the left and Colonial Williamsburg on the right.

Wonderful historic theater where many "artsy" programs are presented.

This is probably my favorite store in Merchants Square. Could it be that I long for a trip to Scotland??? or could it be
this handsome guy that I love to visit. He's taller than I am! Love a man in a kilt.
On our return trip, we were very near the back of the ferry. The guy telling us where to park spotted my camera when I got out of the car and gave me a thumbs up!

Fun for all as we pull away from Jamestown

and a lovely formation from our fellow travelers!
A Perfect Day

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