Saturday, August 14, 2010

Gallery Photos

I'm up again and about to enjoy this last day of TBAI. Breakfast is at 8 and the show begins at 10. I sold most of my bears last night but do have a few left on the table for today. The folks attending the whole convention get an hour's shopping on Friday night before the banquet. I don't have time this morning to write about each photo, but if you want any information, send me a message and I'll try to find out for you. My piece was bought by Sue Quinlan who owns a bear and doll museum in California. Sue has collected several of my gallery pieces through the years. It's so nice that lots of people will get a chance to see the Hobbit when they visit the museum.
Oh, AND Sue and her husband, Terry, are planning a doll and bear show next May in Philadelphia. If you'd like information on that just let me know!


MaryAnn Wills said...

Donna - Congratulations on the success of your Hobbit piece - looking forward to seeing pics. Looks like a great time for all - thanks for posting report - enjoyed seeing it - have a great day - MaryAnn

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks so much MaryAnn! I surely did miss seeing you! It was a fun time for all and the hats were a blast. I'll be posting more photos now that I'm home.
I'll email you when the dust settles!!
Love and hugs,