Monday, August 16, 2010

More TBAI photos!

Here are more of the fabulous pieces from the gallery of TBAI 2010. If I haven't mentioned recently, TBAI (Teddy Bear Artists Invitational) is a teddy bear show held each year in Binghamton, NY. All the artists invited to participate create a gallery piece based on the theme (this year is was Children's Literature). When a piece is sold, half the selling price goes to the Ross Park Zoo which is there in Binghamton to aid their Endangered Species Program. I have more gallery photos and some of the fun and frolics that go on during the 3 day event that I'll post later. The tags that you see with green stars on them indicate that the piece is 8 inches or under. The two categories for voting were 8 inches and under and over 8 inches.

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