Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Last round of TBAI photos

Pokey the Turtle
I always have the best of intentions to photograph each little creature going to a show. Well, that rarely happens as the mad rush to pack and get on the way happens each time. On Friday night of the TBAI convention, the conventioneers get to shop for an hour before the big banquet and it seems most of the little ones are adopted that evening, they go on to celebrate with their new Moms or Dads, and their photo is never taken. I always do take their picture with the new family member, but they are so small, much of their charm is not captured. One exception this year was little Pokey, the turtle. Just before he hoped into his tote bag, I asked his new Mom if I might take a minute for a little photo. After all, he is my very first little turtle - prompted by that glorious green fabric! He started the show with a little acorn cap which went missing. Luckily, Rose and I pick up lots of them on our walks, so I'll be forwarding one to his new address.
Now for more photos of the fun!

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