Monday, April 20, 2015

Some days are just too sweet to be believed!!

When I was a kid, I could never have dreamed I'd have "pen pals" all over the world! Today, I received the loveliest surprise from Michelle in New Zealand - a package which just epitomizes her magnificent country. I especially love the handmade needlepoint needle case with the kiwi design which will house my working needles and help me keep those pesky little sharp things out of the carpet. 
The kindness of others just makes one glad to be alive, doesn't it? 
Thank you Michelle!!

And now, my tile using the letter "B" as a string - or roadmap for where my tangles might go!

Sweet Pippin held the tile for me while I put the string "B" within the border.

And here's the tangled "B"!! The tangle on the right is called verdigogh. We were given a cutting of Rosemary when we did this tangle. I think it's one of my favorites. Rosemary is for remembrance - and today I'll certainly remember for the kindness of my far away friend, Michelle!

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