Saturday, April 18, 2015

New Little Panda

Can you just feel how soft this little panda is? He's just 4 inches tall and made of a wonderful new viscose fabric I ordered from Italy. He's not available as he's already in his new home. I expect there will be more, though, as you cannot imagine just how precious he is!! 100% softness!!

So, now I'm back from my CTZ experience, I'm challenging myself to make a group of tiles (the paper we use to make Zentangles) using strings (the lines we make on the paper - or tile) to divide the space we use to make the individual tangles ... made of the letters of the alphabet.

Starting with A:

Can you see where the "A" is?? The lines of the strings just disappear! They are only a suggestion to use when choosing the tangles for the space. I'm eager to get started using "B." I'll take a photo of the string before I do the tangles!

Thanks for sharing my joy of my new panda and these new tangles!!

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