Friday, March 27, 2015

A Very Fluffy Bunny!

Well, this is just about the fluffiest little bunny I know of!! She's 4 inches plus ears just like her brother which I posted before this. When I received the viscose from Italy not long ago, I washed the fabric, ran my fingers through it against the grain and let it dry as it was. It is amazingly easy to work with and gives a very full, fluffy result. Should you be interested in acquiring some of the fur, email me and I'll send you a link to the source! This little lady may be spoken for, but if not, I'll put her in my Etsy shop the first of the week. I have some black viscose just like this so I'm looking forward to making a very fluffy panda!

Lilly is now on her way to her new home in Connecticut! She should be there to join in Easter festivities!


Lala said...

Donna she is delightful! Happy Easter.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks!!!Wait 'till you see the panda made out of the same fabric!