Friday, March 6, 2015

Preview for Teddies Worldwide Online Show has begun!

Here's my little darling "True" atop her pincushion - my preview bear for the upcoming Teddies Worldwide online show which will take place on March 20th.
This will be an "all teddies" show and I've decided to make it an "all pandas" show for me! I have recently begun adding pincushions for my tiny bears - a perfect spot for them, I think, with matching flowers and other elements. I had a great time at a local quilt show last weekend buying silk ribbons and hand dyed fabric for the pin cushions themselves. Do let me know what you think!!! I will offer a few of these pandas on pincushions during the show in brilliant colors. Hope you like purple, green, and pink as well as this magnificent blue!!
So pop on over to and take a look at the wonderful preview bears and vote for your favorites in both the miniature and big bear categories!!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

That's one beautiful panda Donna, love the colour and love the pincushion too! I have voted for you. X

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Elanor!!! Thank you so much!! You are sooooo kind to say that!! And thanks for the vote!!
Love to you and the boys!!