Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cyber Shot Camera Play with a New Panda Bunny!

Just finished up an order for little Panda Bunny - Lilly! My Nikon is still ailing and so I used my Cyber Shot together with my iPhone to make a few photo to send to the prospective new Mom.

A gift from Jason last year, the Sony Cyber shot is amazing!! It's used with the iPhone and a specific App for the purpose. You can send the photo immediately after it's taken via the phone. The app has some basic editing features so I was able to crop out most of my wrinkly old fingers!!

The clarity and detail is amazing!! If the collector who ordered this little "Lilly" decides against adoption at this time, I shall put her in my Etsy shop. She's a sweetie! 
This little lady will be going to live with her new Mom in Illinois and her new given name is "Popsy" - isn't that cute!!!


Kays Kids said...

You get such a pleading look on your darling bears and bunnies.

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Kay! I think it comes from being in the company of many kitties and doggies throughout my life. I wouldn't have it any other way!