Friday, June 6, 2014

He's A Dandy!

What fun it's been to work with the Teddies Worldwide theme for the upcoming show - Teddies and Friends on Vacation! Planning a vacation for this smart young lion was easy! I just decided where I'd most like to go and worked with that! England of course!! Dandy has his suitcase packed with a sticker from London on the case and a tiny porcelain teapot just in time for tea! He waves a miniature flag and is dressed for the theater or anywhere else he happens to go! He is a Dandy!
Now, click here and have a look at the bears and friends ready for vacation! You can vote for your favorites!!
The show will be coming up soon. Just check back and I'll have a link directly to the show once it has begun.
By the way! I decided to make a lion (my first) when I saw that beautiful Tisval fabric used for his head. His body is made with another fabric which just matches the lower fur in the Tisval. I'll have a couple of bunnies, a new standing elephant, and a bear for the show ...... but I can't show them to you before the show begins!!!
Now, go on over and vote!!!!


Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Cute, cute, cute :0) I love Dandy! I wish you could come to England too. Xx

Donna Griffin said...

Maybe one day!!
Thanks Elanor! Love to you and the boys!