Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Let's make this ...... whatever it is!

Before all my technical issues, I promised to show how I made this...... pincushion, I guess, that Spring is sitting on.
Well, let's take a look!!
The crocheted flower can be any of your choosing. Email me if you'd like a link to the one I used here.
Flip it over to the back
and measure the diameter of the center - the green bit here.
next crochet a flat circle until you get to the diameter you just measured - then single crochet around that diameter for two rows and you will form a lip like the one shown above. An easy formula for making that flat circle is to make a magic circle and then single crochet 6 times into that circle. Pull the circle tight and continue making rounds adding 6 additional single crochets in each row until you have the width you want.
Using a tapestry needle and the thread you used to crochet the center, stitch all around the circumference of the circle until you have just about an inch and a half remaining.
You could use any number of things to stuff this middle part with, but after some consideration, I decided to use more of the yarn so that no other color would show through.
Stuff whatever your choice of stuffing is into the inch and a half space and finish sewing up the circle.
You will then have a raised "bump" underneath the flower to insert into the rusty bed spring - or bed spring of your choice - as pictured in Spring Has Sprung shown in the top photo. I'm sure if you google "rusty bed spring" you'll find a source. I bought mine at a quilt show a couple of years ago. I know it is available with a pattern for felt flowers to use for the pin cushion.
Now you can put your little friend atop the flower!!!

Be sure to check back Friday at 4 p.m. EDT for a link to the online show and some photos of my little ones. I can't show them to you ahead of time (those are the rules!) but I think it's ok if I tell you I'll have a lion, two bunnies, one wee elephant, and a pretty dressed up bear. I just love every one of them and hope you will too!!

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