Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Man OH Man!

Have you ever had one of those days?? Months??? Year - up to now?? My best outdoor buddy - feral kitty Abe (Kim thought he looked like Abraham Lincoln with a suit and white shirt on when we were deciding on a name) seems to understand just what I mean. I'm thinking the technology dragons have been after me!! Computers (2), my CAMERA, and my printer@!@#$%#$!@#$#@@
But now, coming out of the dark, it seems, I'm using Kim's hand me down Mac Book Pro - pretty impressive for a hand me down, I'll say - we are sharing her camera, and I bought a new printer. Oh, my iPhone has been acting up, too, but I'm hoping it will last until the next models are out.
SO. If the postings have been a bit sparse, all that could account for it!! Just in time for the upcoming Teddies Worldwide show's preview coming up this Friday. I was getting nervous, but Kim has given me Mac lessons and even written out excellent instructions for me to follow to download photos and put them somewhere on the Mac and then find them again when it comes time to send them to Teddies Worldwide or post them here!!

I'm Back!!!!

Do check back for my preview ((lion) hehe - and a link to all the wonderful creations on Friday!!!

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