Monday, March 4, 2013

Quilt Show Goodies

The annual quilt fest was recently held in Hampton, Virginia, and the vendors who are there with all their goodies make for a wonderful time for all us attendees! Now the photo above shows Rocky and Pippin - not goodies from the show - but goodies who warm our hearts and keep us laughing!

I bought many luxurious ribbons you'll be seeing in outfits for my little bears and bunnies and other friends!

I wish you could see them up close! They are almost too pretty to cut!

Hand dyed threads are something I'm always on the lookout for - and I had to try out one color combination just as soon as I could wind it into a ball.

I just love all these beautiful spring colors!

I have no bears in residence at the moment so I had to ask a tiny sculpture in my kitchen window to show you just how pretty that pink thread is!

I think this will look lovely trimming a party dress for a bear tea party!

And this is certainly my favorite with the beautiful tiny pink ribbon roses. Hmmmm ..... now what color dress should these go on?? help here! The kitties are busy looking at the birdies out the window!!
Can't wait for the wonderful show again next year!!!


Sue Jennings said...

Lucky you! I love quilt shows. We have a great one in London in October at Alexandra Palace - so many stalls, so many goodies! I always spend way too much! Last year I came home with lace from Paris, hand dyed ombre mohair yarn, fine angora yarn, oyster silk, batik wax and some beautiful quilting cottons...heaven!

Donna Griffin said...

Indeed, Sue!! Sounds like your show is like mine. Your treasures are just wonderful! It's so nice to see the treasures in person rather than in a catalog or online. I've learned my lesson about never passing something up I'm drawn to - I may never see it again. All the items I buy are inspiration for creation. Don't you just love to spread all the things around and just look at them!!!
Heaven for sure!!!