Friday, March 15, 2013

wee Chibi wabbit

Chibi - according to Wikipedia is a Japanese word for diminutive person, or a style of anime caricature. Our fascination with Japan and things Japanese began years ago when we lived in Okinawa. The chibi found in the anime cartoons have been a special favorite of mine with characteristic small arms and legs, small body, and large head. Here's the first of my little Chibi rabbits and I expect there will be bears and other friends to follow. I haven't measured this dear chap yet, but I suspect he sits no more than two inches tall  - not counting his ears.

I've made him a sunflower pincushion to sit upon! If you'd like to see how I did this, check back soon and I'll show you!

And now for a peak at what I've been doing in the clay studio. This is a Panda Tea House I've made using the coil technique fashioning a teapot that looks like a pumpkin and then making it into a little house for tiny pandas. I hope to have it fired and ready to go for the upcoming show in Philadelphia. Fingers crossed it doesn't explode in the kiln!

And a view from the back. One always needs windows to look out of when enjoying tea. I'm sure the pandas will appreciate them.

and another view from the back. Wee Chibi Wabbit has a bushy white tail! Hope you like the look of these wee friends! I hope to have a couple in my Etsy shop next week. Check back for more news!


Polly said...

I love the Wabbit. He made me smile when I saw him. So cute.

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Polly!
That's great!!! I guess there will be more Chibi wabbits then!!