Saturday, February 16, 2013

Flowers Everywhere!

Every year I look forward to the first daffodil. This year, before I knew it, there were lots blooming all at once! These are the tiny miniature variety and are in a sheltered spot beside my front steps. The big guys will be later blooming. It does seem as though they bloom earlier and earlier each year, though.

On my front steps are pots of pansies I planted in the late fall. They got a good start then and with all the rain, they are doing very well! I just love the bright cheery colors!

And indoors, my beautiful glorious bouquet of Valentine flowers from Travis. Here's a detail of the wonderful display of pinks, purples, and reds - what a riot of color!

I was enjoying them while I sewed - and then Kim's Beau came along to enjoy the lovely fragrance.

and  I decided it was probably best to move the flowers to the mantle.

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