Friday, August 3, 2012

What a Difference an Ear Makes!

Here's a little bunny that will be coming with me to TBAI in a couple of weeks. I love this fabric and you may remember Lola that I featured not long ago in the Etsy shop. When I was ready to sew on the ears - which I had planned to be "stand up" ears like Lola's, I just placed one as you see it here. That was it!! I love this little lop. The ears are wired so can be adjusted a bit. I'm just not sure if this bunny is a him or her yet.

Here's Lola! She's pretty sweet too!

I have just received an order from Berta at Threadteds in the Netherlands with lots more of this wonderful fabric. I'm hoping to get more very furry friends ready to accompany me to Binghamton. Hope to see you there!!


Polly said...

How cute is he? Yes, I think it is a 'him'.
He looks so sad though, bless him.

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Polly!
Yes, I think you are right - he's a he! I'll try to cheer him up a little!
Thanks so much for your message!

Марина said...

A wonderful baby! Sweet and very touching!))

Elanor Clare Andrews said...

Hello little bunny, you are soooo cute! Can't wait to meet you in 13 days. Looking forward so much to seeing you again to Donna :0) xx

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Elanor!
It's hard to believe TBAI is so close!! As usual I won't have enough done! Where does the time go?! Safe travels!! See you soon!
Big hug,

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Marina!
Thank you so much! So kind of you to say! Your little bears are just magnificent!
Lots of hugs,

Carolyn said...

Donna, I can finally say that I will see you at TBAI!! It's been a rough year (again) and I wasn't sure I could make it but hubby said I could go so Eileen and I will be there on Friday. I'm looking forward to seeing you and all the lovely little friends you're bringing with you.
Big Bear Hugs,

Donna Griffin said...

Yay Carolyn!!!!!
I am thrilled and am really looking forward to being with you and Eileen very soon!
I can't wait!!!
Love and hugs,

susana said...

they both look good.

Donna Griffin said...

I'm glad you think so Susana! Variety is good, isn't it????

susana said...

Yes, easy person comes up with flexible choices and i believe they have the wisdom to do so :))

Donna Griffin said...

Many times I have "happy accidents" which bring something even better than the original!
Here's to experimentation!!