Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Know What Santa Will Be Wearing This Year!

No, this isn't Santa! Beaker is taking time to smell my lovely flowers from the farmers' market - certainly a treat for both Beak and me!
Now, back to the title! I've just received a shipment from Berta at and it contained one of the best green colored fur I have ever seen. I usually make a couple of Santa's each year - one for the Hunt Valley show and one for the Teddies Worldwide online show and each is different. This year, I'm thinking that green will be included in the wardrobes of the two tiny Santas.
 I'm sure this photo doesn't do the color justice and I hope you'll be able to see it in person at Hunt Valley! It's a bit lighter and has more yellow than represented here. I ordered three more pieces as each of Berta's dye lots are a little different and I wanted more of this particular one.
And here's some of the new extra extra long fabric Berta has. The middle is a subtle sage-y green that might just show up in a very fluffy polar Santa! It's been so hot this summer, it makes me cool thinking of these Winter Wonderland inhabitants.

My heart is with the people and animals of the Gulf Coast. I hope recovery from the hurricane goes swiftly.

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