Monday, August 20, 2012

All Gone!!!

TBAI was such a whirl wind of fun, I forgot to take a photo of my table until all the bears were gone!! Most of them found their new Moms during the hour of shopping that those attending the convention are allowed before the banquet on Friday evening. I did want you to see my lovely new display my friend Debbie's husband has made for me. Jessie is a woodworker and with just a few suggestions of what I would like, he came up with this woodland wonder! I'm able to take it all apart for transport and there are three different platforms that I can arrange to suit whatever table is used at a show! Thanks so much Jessie!
Thursday night's reception had a "sock hop" theme and many dressed appropriately with pony tails and poodle skirts! 50's music was played and dancing was encouraged!
On one side of the room many artist set up some extraordinary pieces for all to see:

And on display was Teddy 2012 created by Barbara Burke which was auctioned at the Banquet on Saturday night!

Before the banquet, the gallery show room was opened up at 5 p.m. All attending were ushered in and placed their votes for their favorites - 8 inches and above and under 8 inches were the two categories.

"Any Occasion Will Do" was the theme for this year's gallery. My piece celebrated Arbor Day. Three little beary fairies were planting trees to insure the health of their woodland home. Thanks to Diane who bought my gallery piece!
Here are some of the other pieces:

The Peoples Choice Winners for the evening were:
Stevie T. for under 8 inches and
LuLu Tatum for 8 inches and over.

The collectors and artists who attend TBAI are just the greatest. I am so glad to have been invited to attend and look forward to next year!
Here are a couple of my special collectors who kindly gave me permission to use their photos:

Thanks to two lovely ladies -  Caryn and Terry for selecting my little ones at the show!
And a final look at the showroom floor where lots of collectors found lots of new bears and friends to take home. Thanks so much to Cindy Malchoff and her committee for making a wonderful experience for all of us! Can't wait for next year!!


susana said...

Hi, missed a lot with your news, and of course your show bears, very curious to see them.
Thanks for posting the show photos, they are wonderful.

Kays Kids said...

Thank you so much for the photos of the show. I drool over them and imagine myself there.

Donna Griffin said...

So glad you like the photos, Susana! It was such a fun show and seeing all the wonderful bears was inspirational.

Donna Griffin said...

Well Kay, you should make that trip!! I would be so glad to meet you in person. You would certainly enjoy the show!!
Hugs to you!

Warm Heart Bears said...

Thanks for the pictures of the event Donna. I love your new set up! What a wonderful friend you have to create it for you!

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Carolyn! I am so fortunate to have such talented friends!! I wanted to create a woodland scene and needed it to be a take apart system for travel. It's tops! Just wait to see how I decorate for the holidays for the Hunt Valley show!!