Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Tiny Fairy!

I've made a lot of butterfly bears that were pretty small, but here's one that will be even smaller! My plan for my gallery piece for TBAI this year includes some wonderful fairy bears. I've made some "tree houses" in the clay studio which include limbs for little fairies to sit upon! I plan to photograph the piece as it comes together so I hope you'll check back to see. I think I spend about 1,000 hours on these pieces - most of which is just dreaming about them - and do so enjoy the creation process. I'm dreaming of fairy wings for this little doll - wonder what color she'd like???


Lala said...

She is so adorable! You must be having such a great time dreaming these creatures into being. I'm smiling.

Kays Kids said...

How wonderful that we can escape to fantasy world when ever we want to.

Donna Griffin said...

Well that has got to be the best part of the teddy bear world - it is whatever we make it! When I'm there, the problems of the world are at a great distance.
Thanks Kay and Sis!
Hugs to you both!!!

Carolyn said...

She is so sweet! I am looking forward to seeing the progress of your gallery piece. It will be magnificent I have no doubt. I just hope I am able to be there to see it (and you) in person!

Donna Griffin said...

Oh Carolyn! I hope you will be there too!! I really look forward to seeing you. TBAI is such fun with lots of visiting time.
Thanks for your kind comments and I hope you will like my gallery piece!!
Lotsa hugs!

susana said...

oh, a thumbelina, bear, looks so fragile in our human hand, draw all the attention on her.

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Susana!
How Sweet! Your observations are always so poetic! She truly is a thumbelina!!
Mini hugs, Donna