Monday, May 21, 2012

From Russia - I LOVE it!

My new friend, Vika, sent some wonderful photos when Bella arrived at her new home in Russia! The journey took quite awhile, but Bella arrived safe and sound - AND - her little tea cup and saucer made it too!

Vika kindly game me permission to share one of her photos here and I am taking the liberty to show you two of them! I do love to see my little bears' new families. Thank you so much, Vika, for your support and your friendship! I am so lucky!!


Kays Kids said...

She looks as though she will have lots of friends.

susana said...

the tea set looks good after arrival, lucky bear and bear mommy! so happy for you, Donna, Russia is a very artistic and skillful place.

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Kay and Susana!
Thanks for writing! I am so pleased little Bella had a safe - though long - journey to her new home in Russia! Isn't the Teddy Bear World just wonderful! I am so amazed that I can now have a wonderful new friend in that country with whom to share thoughts and interests.
Hugs to you both!