Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mothers' Day!

Look, Rocky Pierre! A new Beary Fairy! What do you think?
RP: Where's all that glitter coming from??

P. S. If you haven't seen me mention it before, you can have lots of fun with an ap called Pixlr-omatic! AND it's free! You can add lighting effects and cool frames to your pictures. AND there's a website as well if you don't have a phone that uses such aps:  or use the photo editor or add retro photo effects at .  Enjoy!


Kays Kids said...

I don't know this site and have always been enthralled at what you do to photos. I must take a look. Thanks for the link.

Donna Griffin said...

Can't wait to see Wilbur in a fancy frame, Kay!!
If you have any questions about any of my photos and what I've done - please email me and we'll chat!!
Mini hugs,