Saturday, March 3, 2012

March Fun

Spring Suspect

Footprints walk
In ones and twos,

Tracking kitchen floors
with ooze

Who’s the culprit
We accuse

March, the month
Of muddy shoes!

My dear friend Sarah found this poem in a magazine and sent it along to me. The only notation of authorship is "D. A. W." So thanks, D.A.W., for a lovely March chuckle!!
Just have to add some kitty fun! Ours all live indoors and their feet never touch dirt, so they wouldn't be the culprits!
 Beau is a donut fan - clearly!

Max is a "sink sitter.!" Kim tells me there's a website called Cats in Sinks - but I haven't checked that.

I just love to get these kinds of photos in a text message or email! The new phones let you turn the camera around for self portraits!
Here are Jason and Sam!

and Kim and Beaker!!

Southern Virginia is currently getting lots of rain - an inch an hour the weather lady says. Blub, blub!!


Kays Kids said...

I cant believe an inch an hour for your rain. Isn't it flooding every where? Love your kitty's.

Donna Griffin said...

Luckily, it didn't last too long, Kay! We do have a few "ponds" in the yard though.
The kitties are my grand kitties! Beau and Beaker live in Pennsylvania with Kim and Max and Sam live with Jason in Maryland. They are all sweeties!!
As are you!!!

Lala said...

A very beautiful family!

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks, Sis!
So glad you are a beautiful part of it!
Much love,