Sunday, February 26, 2012

Pretty Things!

 This is what it looks like when you buy one yard of lots of silk ribbons!! Luckily, with the little bears, one yard goes a long way!!
 These wonderful threads are Valdani - Pearl Cotton 12. The group in the  box are called "Muddy Monet Collection." Isn't that perfect?! I've found that this brand and size crochets beautiful giving a soft finish and the colors are gently muted and varied within each spool.
 I found wonderful ribbon flowers in brilliant hues.

 Fabulous silk fabric to go with the ribbons.

And tiny, tiny buttons in lovely shades for all the seasons.

So here are a few of the vendors that I bought from at the quilt show:

Quilter's Fancy - Cortland, Ohio - If you ever watched Simply Quilts on HGTV, you'll remember the owner Cindy who appeared on the show with her ribbon flowers. I bought that beautiful ribbon, the buttons, and flowers from Cindy today!

Antie Ju's Quilt Shoppe - online and at shows only. I bought the box of Muddy Money threads and some other display items you'll see later from Julie. You might have to click a couple of times to get to that site.

Country Keepsakes - Rome, PA - if you've ever wanted silk dupioni and didn't want to buy a whole yard, check here. They also carry anglina, hand dyd fabrics, and misty fuse. I just noticed that they have a list of the shows they attend, so you might be able to find them at a show near you!

I had a fabulous time visiting (twice!) the Mid Atlantic Quilt Show. Many of the things quilters use in their craft are just perfect for the teddy bear world! Can't wait until next year!!


Kays Kids said...

Sound like you had a great time. Your purchases are lovely.

susana said...

Oh Donna,
i missed to read through the link, ignore the previous comment on silk ribbon enquiry from me..
wish you have fun with this tiny bits, and i love your new banner's bear.

Donna Griffin said...

I certainly did have fun, Kay!! It's something I look forward to each year. I'll bet the Australian quilt shows are just wonderful. Your needlework magazines are just the best!!
Big hug,

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Susana!
I should have listed the link under the appropriate photos! The ribbon lady assured me that she ships quickly if I wanted to order online. I think I surely will! The ribbons are 4mm for the most part. I was attracted by all the pretty Spring colors!

Donna Griffin said...

And Susana!
Thanks for liking that little panda! Actually, it's a bear I made several years ago. I was just looking through my "pictures" folder and pulled it out!