Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pretty Petticoats

Tomorrow is preview day for the upcoming online show with Teddies Worldwide! While I can't show that picture 'till tomorrow, or the other pretty little girly bears I'm making until the actual show, I thought I would photograph some of the doings around their outfits!

I found these neat handkerchiefs with edging designed for embellishment. It occurred to me that half the handkerchief would make a dandy petticoat for a little bear. I began with single crochet all around.
The next round was made with three chains and a slip stitch into every single crochet all around.

And finally, the fluffy round! Six double crochets in every other chain 3 space, with slip stitches in every other chain 3 space.
When the crocheting is done, I gather the uncrocheted top edge and fit it to the waist of the little bear!
Be sure to check back tomorrow afternoon to see the preview bear. She has a lovely petticoat - different from this one, and I hope you will visit the show to see the other bears in a couple of weeks!!


susana said...

silky handkerchief with embroidery name was luxurious item in the story of Oliver Twist, yours are precious, looking forward to see them turn into your new design.

Donna Griffin said...

Thank you Susana!
These are cotton rather than silk, but I hope you like the little petticoats for the bears!

Jilly said...

Your work is so beautiful. I also love the colors in your cotton!!
Jilly oxo

Donna Griffin said...

Thanks Jilly! Crochet goes so well with tiny bears and dolls!