Friday, February 17, 2012


A package of laces and trims arrived yesterday and they just took my breath away!! I ordered them from online photos, but they were so much lovelier than I expected. One good thing - and there are so many good things - about making small bears is that a yard of trim goes a long way!! These are from Martha Pulen's website - - which has the most fabulous heirloom quality goods. I first saw her on PBS shows years ago making heirloom sewing so easy to understand. Her magazine - Sew Beautiful - is a delight even if you don't sew. I just wish you could see these trims in person - and hope you'll check back to see how they show up in little outfits for my bears!


Sue Jennings said...

Wow, Donna. I've just gone and taken a look at their website. There are some stunning laces there. Thank you for telling us about them.



Donna Griffin said...

Aren't they wonderful Sue! I'm certainly not advertising for that site, but I must say that the quality of everything I've bought there is excellent.
They lady in charge has a PHd in Education and her instructional television programs are just the best! After watching, I understood completely how to do French hand sewing by machine. Years after that first encounter, I began ordering from her site and the laces and fabrics are far superior to anything I can buy at local fabric shops.
Glad you like them!!

susana said...

thank you for the link you post, it helps the customer to save time on sorting out the kinds of lace, unlike some stall at etsy. but i have a question on their silk ribbon, just want to know whether they are pure silk and with natural dye, i like that kind! cannot imagine the color and size chart they show :(

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Susana!
The information for each particular ribbon does say 100% silk, washable, but with the wide range of colors, I doubt the dyes are natural. There is a button at the top of the page called "customer service." If you click on that, one of the options is "contact us." I expect if you wrote to them, they would answer your inquiry about the dyes. It is hard, isn't it, to know what the color will really be from a little square of color on the computer monitor! Wish I could see them all in person!

susana said...

you are so kind, Donna.
i see your new post today, are those ribbons from this shop? that's better to show the color under sunlight :)

Donna Griffin said...

Hi Susana! The ribbons are from a shop in Ohio - the link is listed at the bottom of the "Pretty Things" posting.
I think the natural light is always best for photographs. It was just a little chilly for me to take them outdoors so window light was used. Aren't they wonderful!!